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Arthosamid injection

Arthrosamid Injection at our clinic

We are a leading musculoskeletal clinic offering diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided procedures such as Arthrosamid injections for knee arthritis. We perform all procedures as part of a comprehensive and global management of your condition.

We offer our services at our South London clinic and also offer home visits in the South London area. A free telephone consultation is available to understand whether an ultrasound scan will be helpful and appropriate in your particular case.

Booking is quick and easy, please see our book appointment page for more details.

What is Arthrosamid?

Arthrosamid is a new treatment for knee osteoarthritis based on a non-biodegradable gel (2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5% water) which is injected into the knee joint to provide cushion and reduces pain. Once inside the joint, the gel becomes an integrated part of the joint capsule (synovial tissue) and acts like a scaffold. Arthrosamid has been devellopped for the past 20 years and despite further research is currently ongoing, this seem to be currently the only long term alternative to delay surgery for knee osteoarthritis. More information are available here.

“Max is a highly trained, responsive, competent, communicative, and caring practitioner and person. He has successfully treated me for the management of knee pain and other arthritic conditions over the last 5-6 years enabling me to live a physically active life. I really cannot recommend Max highly enough.”

Helena Davis, 55, Personal Assistant at Royal College of Psychiatrists

What our patients say

What can be treated with ultrasound guided Arthrosamid injections?

Currently Arthrosamid is only offered for knee joints to treat symptoms of osteoarthritis. 

How often do I need to have Arthrosamid injections done?

Arhrosamid is intended to be injected only once and current evidence suggests that pain relief is maintained after 3 years, with anecdotical report of patients being pain free 8 years later. 

How much Arthrosamid injections cost?

Our Arthrosamid Injection start from £2400 including initial telephone consultation, diagnostic ultrasound, written report with care plan and exercise prescription if appropriate. Finance is available, please reach out to discuss further.

What are contraindications of Arthrosamid?

According the manufacturer's recommendations we do not inject Arthrosamid in the following cases:

  • Infection or skin condition inside or close to the injection site.

  • Severe knee inflammation

  • Previous injection of another non-absorbable injectable/implant 

  • Recent injection of hyaluronic acid.

  • Patients with knee arthroplasty or any foreign material in the knee.

  • Knee arthroscopy within less than 6 months.

  • Patients with haemophilia or poorly controlled anticoagulant treatment.

  • Patients under 18 years, pregnant or breastfeeding

Why should I book my US guided Arthrosamid injection at Insight MSK?

All our procedures and diagnostics are part of a comprehensive management of your condition in line with recent scientific evidence. All injections are ultrasound guided, which have been proven to be more effective and are all preceded by a thorough clinical examination. We do not only diagnose or "fix" problems but we strive to understand the context and causative factors which have led to your condition in order to prevent re-occurrence. These require several skills and the ability to deal with complex and multiple information which often need the expertise from different specialists and therefore multiple appointments, travel, fees... We offer all these services together to give you a prompt single point of contact to assess, diagnose and manage your condition thanks to our unique and vast experience in musculoskeletal medicine.

Your clinician

All our injection treatments are carried out by our experienced physiotherapist and injection clinician, Maxence Legout. Max has over 15 years experience and holds a senior position in the NHS, where he carries out over 2000 ultrasound-guided injection & procedures every year.

For more information please see our clinician page, or book a free telephone or online consultation to speak to Max directly.

What are possible side effects of Arthrosamid injections?

Clinical trials have proven that Arthrosamid is safe and most common side effects reported are mild to moderate pain and or mild swelling injection in the following weeks. To prevent the risk of infection, prophylactic antibiotics must be also prescribed as recommended by the manufacturer.

We encourage you to communicate any concerns with us to ensure a comfortable and informative experience.

MEDICAL REVIEW - The medical information on this page has been reviewed for accuracy by Maxence Legout, MSc, Physiotherapist.

Our South London Clinic

We also provide home visits

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