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Aspirations & Injections for Ganglion Cysts in South London

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Ganglion Cyst aspiration & Injection at our clinic

We are a leading Musculoskeletal clinic offering non-surgical management of ganglion cysts. Aspiration and injections can bring significant relief from cysts pain and bring you much-needed respite from your condition.

We offer private aspirations & injections at our South London clinic and also offer home visits in the South London area. A free telephone consultation is available to understand whether injections will be helpful and appropriate in your particular case, and your appointment also includes a diagnostic ultrasound consultation to ensure your injection will be safe and give you maximum benefit.

Booking is quick and easy, please see our book appointment page for more details.

What is a ganglion cyst?

A ganglion cyst is a non-cancerous, jelly-like fluid-filled lump or sac that typically forms near joints or tendons, most commonly in the wrist or hand. However, ganglion cysts can also occur in other areas, such as the ankle or foot. These cysts are generally harmless and are usually firm and round, with a smooth or slightly lumpy surface. They may vary in size, and their size can change over time. Ganglion cysts are often painless, but they can cause discomfort if they press on a nearby nerve. In some cases, the cysts may interfere with joint movement. If the cyst is located near the surface of the skin, it may be visible and felt as a palpable lump. The exact cause of ganglion cysts is not well understood. They may develop as a result of trauma or repetitive stress to a joint, leading to the leakage of synovial fluid and the formation of the cyst

In order to ensure that an aspiration and/or injection is the right course of action in your particular case, we offer a free virtual consultation to get a quick picture of your health and the condition you are experiencing, and advise on the best course of action for you. At your appointment we will also carry out a full ultrasound-led diagnosis and assessment to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate treatment and best possible care.

“Max is a highly trained, responsive, competent, communicative, and caring practitioner and person. He has successfully treated me for the management of knee pain and other arthritic conditions over the last 5-6 years enabling me to live a physically active life. I really cannot recommend Max highly enough.”

Helena Davis, 55, Personal Assistant at Royal College of Psychiatrists

What our patients say

How do you manage ganglion cysts?

In many case, ganglion cysts do not require treatment, especially if they are not causing significant pain or functional limitations. Medical research suggests that approximately 50% of ganglion cysts resolve spontaneously. Our patients typically seek treatment because the pain has an impact on their daily life, or for cosmetic reasons. If treatment is desired, our options may include aspiration (drawing out the fluid with a needle) or corticosteroid injections, or surgical removal. However, recurrence is possible in half of the cases.

Aspirations and corticosteroid injection can provide relief from pain associated with ganglion cysts This can make it more comfortable for individuals to engage in daily activities and recreational exercises. 

Pain is not to be underestimated and when it becomes bad it can become debilitating and lead to depression. A reduction in mobility due to ganglion cysts can also lead to inactivity which can cause further problems, leading to even further inactivity, known as the chronic pain cycle. It is crucial to seek help when you are in pain and not simply try to live with it, as when left unchecked pain can cause gradual deterioration of both mental and physical health.

All our treatments include a written report and guidance on moving forward with treating your problem following your injection, so that you can use the opportunity the injection gives to set yourself on a path to better health. We also include a personalised physiotherapy exercise plan wherever appropriate.

For more information about cortisone injections and frequently asked questions, see our cortisone injections page.

How much do aspiration procedures cost?

Our aspiration procedures start at just £190 including initial telephone consultation, diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound-guided aspiration, written report with care plan and exercise prescription if appropriate.

Do I need to have my ganglion cyst investigated?

While ganglion cysts are generally benign, any lump or swelling should be evaluated by a healthcare professional to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other potential causes of the lump. If a ganglion cyst is causing pain or functional limitations, or if the patient is concerned about its appearance, they should seek medical advice for appropriate management.

At your virtual consultation and first appointment your clinician will carry out a diagnostic ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis, exclude a sinister pathology and explain to you the available treatments.

Your clinician

All our injection treatments are carried out by our experienced physiotherapist and injection clinician, Maxence Legout. Max has over 15 years experience and holds a senior position in the NHS, where he carries out over 2000 ultrasound-guided injection & procedures every year.

For more information please see our clinician page, or book a free online or  telephone consultation to speak to Max directly.

What other treatments are available for ganglion cysts?

Other treatments for ganglion cyst may includes splinting or surgical management in case of failure to improve with aspiration & injection. Medical research suggests that surgery for ganglion cysts has a lower recurrence rate but a higher rate of complication with longer recovery period and do not provide better pain relief. You can read more information on ganglion cysts here.

If you are suffering from a ganglion cyst, a diagnosis from a medical professional is an essential first step in understanding your problem and deciding what is the right course of treatment for you.

MEDICAL REVIEW - The medical information on this page has been reviewed for accuracy by Maxence Legout, MSc, Physiotherapist.

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